English courses

BOYS (14 - 17 YEARS)

BOYS (14 - 17 YEARS)

Our school offers training that includes classroom activities and language laboratories with interdisciplinary and cultural themes. English is the most studied language in secondary schools of first and second degree. The reason is very simple and logical: the language of Shakespeare is the third most spoken language in the world and is an integral part of the daily life of Italians through music, TV series and films proposed to the cinema.
A fundamental part of the methodology concerns the pair work or group work: there is always a moment for group work, the representation of a situation, the debate and other exercises in which one must learn to work together with others.
Every week a subject is chosen between journalism, philosophy, entrepreneurship, diplomacy, politics or economics: within this framework the students will face a topical issue every day, of international or intellectual relevance, and will be called to develop projects , doing research, tackling debates and presentations. The course aims to immerse young people in a high-profile international context and to give them the first taste of university life, preparing them for the academic future they aspire to.
The milestone reached at the end of the course is the 3rd LEVEL, on the dictates of the Council of Europe and on the ministerial programs of the Italian school.