Online Learning

Online diploma

Our school is also involved in teaching assistance for high schools, especially in the achievement of the Distance Diploma and Diploma-Online without attendance, facilitating all those people who, working, have no way to cut out time to devote to the study.
Our school has been present for many years in the market and our history, our current presence in the market for the achievement of the Diploma effectively testifies on our seriousness and professionalism in the commitments undertaken.
During our years of activity, our assistance work for the Diploma has proved fundamental for many students, both from an educational and human point of view, allowing them to complete their studies and obtain a Diploma in order to improve their condition. working.
With this in mind, for the achievement of the Diploma, the knowledge of each student is important, to elaborate with it, a highly personalized solution that ensures the achievement of the Diploma of maturity in the shortest possible time, with the best convenience in economic terms.
The Eligibility exams (recovery of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years) and the Maturity examinations (attainment of the Diploma) will be held at the recognized Peerage Schools.
Diploma in a year with tutor who will follow you step by step throughout the year for any doubt concerning the exams, the teaching material (provided by us) and trying to optimize your time, to make the school path as simple as possible.